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The E&L manufactured "K" grip adapter (spacer) enables the user to install the HK manufactured MP-5 "K" grip on the HK-94 / MP-5. The E&L adapter is sold as a set with the German manufactured "K" grip, or the adapter can be purchased separately for use with aftermarket "K" grips.

CAUTION:  Although the HK "K" grip can be attached to the SP-89 semi-automatic pistol, the BATF has determined that, if the SP-89 pistol is possessed with a forearm having a vertical fore grip such as used on the HK MP-5 sub-machine gun, the combination would create an illegal firearm in violation of Section (e), Chapter 53, Title 26, U.S.C.

Made in the U.S.A.
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Firearms pictured are not for sale and they are NOT included with the purchase of a K-Grip or Adapter.
* Shown with Barrel Shroud which is sold seperately!

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K-Grip With Adapter*

Order# 410 $89.95

K-Grip Adapter Only*

Order# 411 $19.95

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