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E&L Manufacturing Inc. now has available a Dry Gun Lube that combines ease of application with a durable finish which substantially reduces friction. Originally developed for the aerospace industry for use in oil free enviroments, E&L now offers the lubricant to the sporting industry.

E&L Dry Gun Lube has all the characteristics of standard areosol spray paint and fast dries in 1 minute. By spraying the inside of the receiver, bolt, bolt carrier and all working parts including the trigger group, dirt, dust and power residue will not easily adhere to its surface. Carbon build-up will be greatly reduced, therefore your firearms will stay cleaner longer and the next time you clean your firearm, simply wipe with a clean cloth. Like paint, E&L Dry Gun Lube can be sanded with fine steel wool so any scratches in the finish can be easily removed and touch-ups can be made at any time. With E&L Gun Lube stainless steel now can be darkened to a dull greyish-black finish.

E&L Dry Gun Lube can be used at home, office or in the shop as a general purpose lubricant for automotive parts, hinges, locks, bearings, chains, precision parts and wherever metal contacts metal. Dry Gun Lube contains no oils, Chloroflurocarbons or moisture based dilutions and is inert to water, oils and alkalies. Non-corrosive and no-flaking. Ideal for applications involving high pressure and extreme temperatures (-100°F to +1000°F). Made in the U.S.A.

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1 Aerosol Can (net wt. 14.5 oz., 411 Grams)

Order# 175 $11.95

1 Case (12 Aerosol Cans)

Order# 175C $99.95


Add $3.00 per can for shipping.

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